Prayer letter  July    2005 



P.O.BOX   19349


Phone :  6282118

                                                                 Date July 19,  2005


Dear Praying Partners:

 We send our greetings from Jerusalem the city of peace that needs peace more then any other city. They need the peace of God in their hearts and they need the peace with each other.

 For one month we have been waiting for our re-entry visa. If we leave without a re-entry visa we can not come back to Israel. Finally we got it and we planned to start our furlough in September. After we reserved out plain ticket we received a letter from landlord lawyer saying either you increase the rent 100% or we will evacuate you. The landlord does not have the right to do that, so we had to consult a lawyer and we do not know what will happen. We will let you know, in the mean while please pray for us.

 If you like us to visit your church and explain what is going on in this country politically and spiritually send us an Email and tell us when you like us to come.

 1.     Pray for the camp we are going to have next week. 

2.     Pray for the men I am training to be preachers and deacons.

3.     Pray for the new tracts and pamphlets I am writing, some of these are now in English and on the web. If you like any one of these tracts you can write to me and I will give you permission to print it and distribute it.

4.     Pray for the Bible College on the web.

Keep praying for us and may the Lord bless you.

 Yours in Christ


Atif Himadeh