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                                                                                     Date: Sept. , 2003


Dear  Praying Partner:

 Greetings from Jerusalem called the city of peace and the most that needs peace. God commanded us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem that is for the people in this city that they might know peace with God.

Thank you very much  for praying for us.  May the Lord richly bless you. Thank the Lord for the VBS this summer, because  new people came and some of them confessed Christ as their personal saviour, and some started to come to church regularly.

 For two years I wanted to take a furlough but the Visa problems are preventing from doing that.  So from time to time I come to the US for around a month, if you want us to come to your church next time please let me know and if that is possible I will try to come.

 The possibility of starting a Bible college on the web came to me last week and I immediately bought the web domain

 and started to program it. The aim of the college  is to reach students members of good Baptist churches but can not afford to go to bible college. We will assign for the student the text book and we will provide him on the web 1.  12 hours of teaching on the subject.  2. Questions on every chapter for the student to study.  3. These exams will be send to his pastor who have recommended him to the college and he will sit in his office to make the exam. 4. To every course the  student must submit a turn paper on the subject of the course.

This college will need around  20 pastors who are ready to provide  two to three courses each. The teacher of each course will be responsible to put the questions, the exams, the turn paper and the grades. He will also receive most of the tuition of that course.  

These are the ideas that came to my mind and I want preachers who are interested in this project to participate in giving their opinion.

 I want to ask you  are you receiving  the prayer letter by mail or by email or by both ways.  If you have an email and you want us to send the prayer letter by email just send us your email.

The prayer letter is put on the web and some times the news. For more click below:

Thank you for praying for our safety. Keep praying for us and for this country.


Yours In Christ


Atif & Rajaa Himadeh






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