Prayer letter 2017

September  16, 2017  is the 55th  anniversary of the church

I want first to thank the Lord for allowing me to work in Jerusalem for around 55 years. in September this year we celebrated the 55th anniversary of the organization of the church. I also want to thank all those who are praying and supporting us all these years. Without your support it will be very difficult to continue the ministry here in this expensive country. Gas is between $6 and $7.

Christian, you can see in the picture,  came from Singapore to visit Jerusalem and he was faithful in attending the church, I invited him to preach for us. His name is Christian and he is a good Christian and a good preacher and loves the Lord. He is from an Indian back ground.

Dr. Raed is a teacher in the Bethlehem University and he teaches the adult Bible class on Sunday in the Sunday School. He also preaches from time to time.

Mr. Abid Joined the church this year. We are blessed by a small group of people who really loves the Lord. They witness and invite people and give their time and offerings to the Lord.

I am always asked what do you need? All what we need is the Lord. Mat. 6: 33. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.