Prayer letter 2016


This is the 54th year in Jerusalem. Seven months in 1962 we established the church with twelve members. The first two persons I baptized 54 years ago they came and visited the church. The first one he is living in California and he visited the church two weeks ago. The second one I baptized is living in London and he came and visited the church and attended many services. Four of the twelve members that established the church immigrated to  Australia  and they married and now they have children and grandchildren and I heard that one of them was called to preach. I am praying that one day I will be able to visit them. There are many other families that were not from the twelve first members that immigrated to Australia. The largest number of the members of the church moved to the US.

More than fifteen members went to be with the Lord and around ten members immigrated and we do not know where they went and whether they are alive or with the Lord.

 We ordered the printing of the tract "The Most Precious Gift" and we printed 40,000 tracts. We already distributed 37 thousands and we are praying that we will distribute the three thousands soon. These tracts include an invitation to study the Bible by correspondence. This year we add another tract to the list of tracts and the name of the new tract is "Absolute Success". Many other new tracts I wrote in Arabic, but only one is translated to English.

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