Date:  Feb.  16,  2012


Dear Praying partners:


Thank you very much for praying for us and for supporting us. Your support greatly helped us in continuing the Lordís work.  May the Lord richly bless you. Keep praying for us.

Today is the 16th of February 2012. Fifty years ago I came to Jerusalem as a missionary, and seven months after this date and that is the 16th of September, The First Baptist Bible Church of Jerusalem was organized with twelve members. On the 16th of September 2012, we will celebrate the Fiftieth year of the organization of the church.

In the fifty years in Jerusalem we have seen between one and thirty five people coming forward on Sunday to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as saviour. Less then 10% of those who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as saviour  were baptized. And some of those who were baptized became preachers or preachers wives and left the church to serve where the Lord called them to serve.

More then fifteen years ago we were able to go to all the villages and towns around Jerusalem and bring people to church. With the many vans and buses we were bringing people from many places. Now it is difficult for people living in the west bank to come Jerusalem. God put in the hearts of the men of the church after they studied and were ordained to work beyond the walls to the people who are not able to come to the church.

For forty five years we have been printing tracts and Correspondence Bible Courses and sending it out to the people. More then 3500 thousand students have studied and finished Bible courses with us. The number of students that received material from us is above 25000 students. Some of the students continued their studies in the U.S. and finished M.A. and Ph.D. and now are pasturing churches.

We are inviting all the pastors of the churches that supported us to come and attend the Fiftieth home coming of the church. We are also inviting all the members of the church that immigrated to try to come with their families. I know it is impossible for all to come with their families. We are praying that many will come. If all the members will decide to come with their families, we will need an auditorium that seat more then 200 persons. The plan is to have three days of meetings and six meetings every day. This will make it easy to fit the schedule  of attending  the meetings with their travel schedule.

If you are planning to come and attend the meetings or to preach for us please write us to be able to start making arrangements for these meetings.    

Keep praying for us.


Yours in Christ



Atif   Himadeh