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Sept.  22,  2011




I am not in Italy and I do not need money. I am in Jerusalem. If you received an email from   is not my email notice the ii in this email. They high jacked my email and changed my password and took all my email addresses. Please inform the people that knows me about this because I do not have there email now before they send money to this scam. I have changed the password on my email and I am now using it. I have some of the emails but not all. So if you receive this prayer letter and you do not receive an email it means that I do not have your email.

Greetings from Jerusalem the city, God declared His love to man kind.

The church on 16th of Sept. was established with 11 members.  In the 49 years we have added to the church 110 people, a large number of them have immigrated all over the world. The number of people who have confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour is in the thousands. For many reasons they were not able to obey the Lord in Baptism. Some for fear of death and others for loosing their job or house and some left the country few days after they accepted Christ.

The following Sundays are the Jubilee Sundays we will be observing in the fiftieth year.

13. Sept.    16-18

9. May       20

5. Jan.         15

1. Sept.      18


10. June     17

6. Feb.         19

2. Oct.        16


11. July      15

7. March     18

3. Nov.        20


12. Aug.      19

8. April        15

4. Dec.        18

If you are a pastor of a supporting church active or retired, you are invited to preach next year whenever you come to Jerusalem. So it is important to inform us a month ahead of your coming.

 Keep praying for us and may the Lord bless you.

Yours in Christ



Atif & Rajaa Himadeh