April  2003

Dear Praying Partner:

Thank you very much for praying for us. There is still a great need for the gospel to go forth in this land. Here is a brief update of how the Lord is using First Baptist Bible Church:

1. We are visiting new people and we are explaining to them the plan of salvation.

2. The correspondence Bible School now is available on the internet. The internet site has Arabic tracts and courses with the aim to present the plan of salvation to many unsaved people. I was pleased with the student’s answers to the question “Explain the plan of salvation?” 95 % of the answers were very good and some of them could be made into a tract on salvation.

3. We thank the Lord for the new families that started to attend the church.

4. Pray for the new believers in the church.

5. Pray for the three men who were called to preach.

6. Pray for me that God will give me the wisdom to train them. 7. Pray for the believers of the church to be able to come to church in Jerusalem. The Israeli road blocks prevent them from coming to Jerusalem.

8. Last Sunday five did not come to church because they spend more then two hours trying to come to church but they faced a lot of road blocks and a lot of army closed roads to come to the old city. Last Friday we went as a church to the Garden Tomb and had prayer there. Our church is not far away from the Garden Tomb it is behind the hill of Calvary.

The social security and Medicare discovered that they made a mistake by taking our names out and stopping the Medicare benefits. Now we have the Medicare benefits back, praise the Lord. Thank you for praying for our safety. Keep praying for us and for this country.

Yours In Christ

Atif & Rajaa Himadeh

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