Date: March 2011


Dear Praying Partners:


Thank you for all who are praying and supporting us.

I came as a missionary to Jerusalem on the 16th of February 1962. The church was organized on the 16th of September 1962.  On 16th of September 2012 will be the 50th  anniversary of the church, we are inviting all the members who are still living but dispersed all over the world and all the preachers that came out of our church.


We have a special invitation to all the pastors of churches that supported our ministry in prayer or financially all these years. If you are a pastor of a church supporting our ministry or you are praying for us and you are planning to visit the Holy Land in 2011 and 2012 please tell us when you are planning to come. We are planning to have a special surprise for you.


The oldest couple of our church went to be with the Lord in the month of January. The husband was 119 years old, the wife went to be with the Lord first and he followed her after 21 days. When asked the secret of living way over 100 was: 1. My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 2. I forgive quickly. 3. Olive oil. His son added my father loves chocolate and he eats a lot of it.


We go out and witness and two ladies over 50 years old accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their savoir. Keep praying for the people, who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior, to obey him and fellow the Lord in baptism.


Last year we printed one tract and the competition. We printed of each 40,000 and we send them out. The results were 116 persons answered the 100 questions and got an average of 88% correct answers. Sixty answered part of the questions. More then 100 of those who entered the competition said that they are sure of their salvation, but when I read their answers why they are sure I figured out that at least 80 are born again. 


Keep praying for us to be used to win souls.



Atif & Rajaa Himadeh


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