Rev. Atif Himadeh

P.O.Box 19349

Jerusalem, Israel


Dec. 2006


Dear Praying partners


Jerusalem is a religious city and the Jews believe that salvation by obedience to the law. The Muslims also believe salvation by works according to the set of rules in the Muslim religion. The Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Druze and most of the Protestants believe that salvation is by faith and works.

This is why the Lord helped me to write in 1968 the tract called Christmas Gift stressing that salvation is a gift we receive it by faith and not by works. I wrote it in Arabic and now it is in English and Hebrew.


I wrote another tract with the same theme in the year 2003 and called it “The Most Precious Gift”. In July when the rockets were falling on the north of Israel God put on my heart to print 5000 copies of this tract and send 3000 by mail while the rest was for distribution.


Forty two years ago we started a Correspondence Bible School. The purpose of the School is to let the people know the plan of salvation. We send the material to over twenty five thousand persons. Only three thousands have finished a course. Now we have eight courses and we are trying to translate these courses to English and Hebrew.


Twenty years ago I started a bible competition that lasts for one year. The bible competition is made of 100 questions. We put 10 verses and then they are followed by ten questions or more. The one hundred questions will be on the plan of salvation and how to get saved from the bible. Some times we send a tract or two with the competition and include few questions on these tracts.


The plan for 2007 is to send the “Christmas Gift” tract to over seven thousand people and a slip to join the competition and the Correspondence Bible School. We will advertise the competition also in the papers. In the past we used to have around a thousand person to send for the competition.


Pray for us as we preach the people of Jerusalem Arabs and Jews with the Good News showing them that salvation is a gift from God in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Yours in Christ


Atif & Rajaa Himadeh