Palm Sunday  2002

On Palm Sunday we studied the Triumphal Entry and we explained the meaning of Bethphage and Bethany. The word Bethphage means the house of unripe fig. The message our Lord Jesus Christ was giving to the Jews and to his disciples was; I am riding a donkey from Bethphage and not a white horse from heaven. Riding the donkey is to tell them I am coming to save and not to judge. I am coming to serve as a saviour and not to rule as a king.

The fig tree is the symbol of the nation of Israel, the unripe fig speaks that it is not yet the time for the nation of Israel to be established. The Jews and the disciples were expecting the Lord Jesus Christ to declare his kingdom right away. Christ in riding the donkey from Bethphage was telling that the nation of Israel is not yet to be established.

The word Bethany means the house of the afflicted or the house of the humble. When our Lord came to Jerusalem he went to Bethany always to sleep. The message is that Christ is not coming this time to rule from Jerusalem, but he is coming to be afflicted for our sins so that if we believe he will give us eternal life. After 1972 years have passed, we are coming close to the coming of the Lord in the clouds. After seven years He will come, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, riding on white horse. The saints will come with Him and also they will be riding on white horses.Forty years ago I came to Jerusalem as a missionary.

For forty years I have seen the great processions they have on Palm Sunday every year. This year very few people were in the procession. No more donkey processions, because we are waiting to meet at the marriage supper of the Lamb, and after seven years to come with a great white horse procession lead by our Lord Jesus Christ.


Web News

The competition this year will be on the web domain. in English and in Arabic. For the English competition and for the Arabic competition

Baptism - June 8,02

A group from the church went on Saturday to the Jordan River near Tiberias and we baptized two young people and two weeks ago three were also baptized. After the baptism we went to the Carmel Mount where Elijah said, "And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word." I Kings 18:21 On that mountain we sang hymns and I preach "How long halt ye between two opinions?"

Highest Attendence - June 9, 02


Sunday evening we had the highest attendence this year and that is 56. Some people could not make it we pray that they will come next week.

VBS - June 21, 02

We finished the two weeks Summer VBS and the attendance was more then 35. More the Six accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. We are now praying for them to walk with the Lord.
News - Dec. - 2002
This year out of the eleven baptized, five are faithful and are helping in the church. Beshara's  operation was successful and he is back to work.   Last July we planned to take our furlough, we tried to get a re-entree visa and for three months trying we finally get it and it is good for less then a year. As we were planning to come back in the first week of December and we had not much time to prepare for the furlough. We decided to postpone the furlough to another year. We appreciate all the supporting churches to tell us if they like us to visit and tell about the Lord's work.

News - April - 2003


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