25. Amy Carmichael.  The main problem is not the translations, but the original manuscript we use to translate. If we give any manuscript we find in a cave more importance then the Bible that was in the hands of believers for all the time from the first century until now, we betray the Christians who were ready to loose their life to keep copying, keep reading, memorizing and chanting this word of God.


26. H. A. Ironside The older text is the text that the Christians through the ages have rejected.   See   Appendix  B





 27. Noel Smith When I visited Noel Smith in 1971 We agreed. He asked me many questions and we did not find any difference in opinion. But after many years of study of the subject I discovered that what they called the oldest and best manuscripts was no more then the mutilated manuscripts that the real born again Christians have rejected all the time. See Appendix A and B