11. C.H. Spurgeon did not raise the question of accepting or rejecting Textus Receptus or the Hebrew Masoretic Text. If we want to improve a translation, we must have capable men to do it. Some they want to retranslate the Bible with demonic plans. As we see that in the NIV translation of Isaiah 14:12.   (See the NIV deception)

12. John William Burgon, also wrote

Why did Westcott and Hort knock the Church Fathers?  Because many of the writings of the Church Fathers contained words which were contrary to those preferred by these liberal Anglican clergymen.  There were approximately seventy-six Church Fathers who died before 400 A.D. whose writings made frequent reference to the New Testament.  Yet, Westcott (of the nineteenth century) and D. A. Carson (of the twentieth century) said that the Greek texts used before 400 A.D. did not reflect the Traditional or Byzantine text, but only the Westcott and Hort-type of text.  Westcott and Carson refused to see the evidence.  Not only did quotations of these seventy-six Church Fathers from the Textus Receptus prior to 400 A.D. exist, but these Textus Receptus quotations were in the Majority.  Not only were they in a simple majority, but were in a majority ratio of 3 to 2 (60% to 40%)!  In fact, Dr. Jack Moorman when researching this independently, found the ratio to be 70% to 30%!  (See Early Church Fathers and the A.V.   (#2136 @ $6+S&H)

 (See  also number 7)

13. A.T. Pierson

A lot of preachers believed Westcott and Hort when they claimed that they found the oldest and the most correct manuscript. I also believed that until I discovered that this manuscript was in a convent where the priests were reading every day the Greek text and this manuscript they were about to burn it. They will never burn a Bible they read every day. They knew that this is a manuscript that have been changed by the heretics and it is not worth anything.