7. J.C. Ryle needs to know That Received Text (Lectionaries) which agrees with Textus Receptus 100% was chanted by the Greek clergy every day  from the first century until now. The Masoretic Hebrew text was also memorized and chanted every day until printing was discovered. The rabbi who dotted it became a Christian  after he dotted it, he checked it by chanting the whole Bible. According to Rabin who taught the Bible in Hebrew for sixty years in the Hebrew University, the Masoretic Text is 100% correct.  

8. Francis Ridley Havergal was reading the Masoretic Hebrew Text and the Textus Receptus.


9. F.H.A. Scrivener treated the word of God as the writing of any other man. He was searching to find other readings in other manuscripts and he picked and choose what to change and what to keep. Did he go to the Lectionaries to find out.  The answer is no. He preferred any text that is affected by the tempered texts.





10. Robert l. Dabney Does not believe in adult baptism and he believes in the five point of Calvinism. He douts the Bible is inspired. 

Why should I Believe what he believes. He has a large number of strange beliefs.