30. Wendell Zimmerman We are not discussing translations but from where should we translate. We agree that there is no inspired translation but what we are stressing that translations must be from the Textus Receptus and the Masoretic Hebrew Text. (Remember that 58 persons translated the KJV and some of the translators read the Bible every day from the time they were children.)


31. Bob Jones Sr. “He fought against the Revised Standard Version because of its clearly Modernist leanings, as represented by the works omissions and word changes in clear doctrinal passages.” (Standing Without Apology ...)  From where these omissions and changes come? These omissions and changes came from the new manuscripts that were found which were tempered with. (See Westcott & Hort and Arius)


32. Bob Jones Jr.   I agree with Dr. Bob Jones that there is no perfect translation.