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 By Atif  Himadeh


If evolution  is true, why is it no longer taking place! With the millions of monkeys and men on earth, we are not seeing  any evolution today. If the monkey in the past evolved into a human being, why is it no longer evolving!

Any person who believes in evolution is either a fool or is mentally retarded. The Bible in Psalms 14:1 says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.“  An educated person and one knowing the very complicated formation of life and human beings and yet believes that man came as a result of coincidence, shows very clear proof that he is retarded mentally.


If coincidence with no intelligence created all the life in this universe, why can’t all those learned scientists produce one protozoa. Is coincidence more intelligent than all the professors of all the universities who were unable to make one living cell! Why cannot the combined intelligence of all the elite professors change a living cell from one species into another! Let them prove only one link of evolution by changing one species into another. The reason why they can not prove evolution is because life is created by God, and man can not create life. These professors are closing their eyes  and saying one cannot know if there is a God. Yes, if they would admit the presence of God, then they would have to quit sinning, but they love sin, so they have to keep their ostrich heads in the sand and say there is no God and this world came through a Big Bang and life came by coincidence and evolved up to the human being and then it stopped there and beyond human beings there is no more evolution.

They say, the larger the number of chromosomes, the more evolved is that  living organism. Then we face a real problem when the frog jumps up and says "I am more intelligent than human beings." Did man evolve into a frog because frogs have sixty four chromosomes and man has only forty six chromosomes?  

We can not prove evolution by doctoring a small bone and building on it the missing link according to our imagination. Also we can not prove evolution by comparing different species and finding some similarities. The only way to prove evolution is to start making the first protozoa and then change it to another cell of a different species. You would have to find which species could be changed into another, until you proved the eight million species, and after doing that, you would have to repeat the experiments many times. If you were able to repeat it, then you could say we have proven the hypotheses of evolution, and it is now a theory.

Not one of the eight million needed proofs has yet been proven scientifically. What the professors of evolution have been doing is finding a bone, a skull or a tooth and building on it an animal of their imaginations. They then say it is another missing link. This old trick can now be uncovered by DNA tests to find out to whom that bone belonged.


If monkeys are gradually becoming like human beings what literature did they write during that time? what language did they speak? When did the spirit of God enter the monkeys? Could monkeys ever understand the concept  of God? You might argue that there are many people who do not yet understand the concept of God. However every human being when asked if there is a God will answer, "yes" or "no". If they answer, "yes" or "no" they understand what you are saying.  By saying there is no God, they already  defined God. The Bible says in Psalms, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.…” Psalms 14:1. Therefore, every person who believes in evolution, is saying I am a fool, because I do not believe God but I believe the foolish scientists.  

 Have you ever met two monkeys arguing whether there is a God or not? Have you met two gorillas discussing the psychological problems of man or planning to invent a car, a plane, a ship or an airplane?     

Whom do you believe who tells you who you are. If you believe God, then you are wise and intelligent, and you believe that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” You will also believe, “And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind: …”Gen.1:21 If you believe God, you will also believe “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:  …” Gen. 1:26. All the people who refuse to repent say, God does not exist. To prove their point of view, they have to come up with the hypothesis of evolution and the Big Bang hypothesis. I did not say that these are theories because they lack scientific proof. The hypothesis of evolution needs eight million proofs to become a theory.  Scientists have not yet proven even a single one of the eight million proofs. The Big Bang hypothesis is a laughing stock of true science, because out of some incoming light rays, scientists jump to conclusions that  contradict proven scientific theories that have long stood the test of time. When we test all kinds of explosions, none create one single atom. Yet the proponents of the Big Bang theory say the universe came out of that Big Bang.


If the universe is moving at the speed of light as a result of a Big Bang, then the whole universe would be equally distant from the point of the explosion. What exploded to make this vast universe? I do not believe in the Big Bang theory. The only possible Bang we know of in medicine is the explosion of arteries in the brain. A Bang that would form the universe is the most unscientific hypothesis ever produced by intelligent human beings.


Who knows more, God or man! What God says is the truth. If what man says contradicts what God has said, then what man says is an untruth. God said, “And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and everything that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: …” Gen. 1: 25. Evolutionists say, ”God did not make anything, but coincidence made the first protozoa and then everything else evolved from it.” Should I believe the scientists who say that coincidence, which has no innate intelligence, made all this life on earth. How did coincidence become more intelligent than all the professors of science for the last 100 years and more. All the professors of science have not yet been able to make one single living cell. Even these professors do not yet understand a fraction of what coincidence has supposedly made. The cells in human beings are  complicated  to the extent that we know there are 200 kinds of enzymes in each cell, but doctors do not yet know what  more then half of these enzymes do. The sixty trillion cells in the body act as glands and produce “good” or “bad” eicosanoids, but scientists do not know how many subgroups of these eicosanoids there are or how they operate.

If the information stored in every cell in every human being were written down and the books were stacked up, the height of the books would reach the moon. Remember each person has around sixty trillion cells. How could coincidence and probability form such a human being that the professors of all the world could spend millions of years studying and yet never be able to unfold the secret of life. They are not able to understand the greatest miracle of God, which is the human being. Remember that there are eight million species,  and that all the professors combined can not name all the species in the world. They also have not been able to change any one of these species into another.


Some say that the change of one species into another would take millions of years. Therefore you would have to wait the millions of years until you could declare your hypothesis to be a theory. If evolution is right and we have eight million species, then evolution took place over a period  eight trillion years (8,000,000,000,000 years). Remember that life on earth can not exist without the sun. Therefore the sun is also that old. The sun is losing 4.2 million tons /second. That means that each year the sun loses 130.6 trillion tons. Therefore the sun would loose 1044.8 septillion tons in 8 trillion years. That is 1.04488 times ten to the twenty-seventh power tons. However, the mass of the sun is 1.9 times ten to the twenty-seventh power tons. In another words, if what evolutionists are saying is true, then the sun was double the size it is today.  Can you believe these scientists? As for me, I do not believe these scientists because I believe God. I would believe what they can prove to me in the laboratory but not in the way they try to explain the unproven.


Scientists have not yet agreed as to whether evolution was spontaneous or gradual. If they say it was spontaneous, then we would expect to see a monkey change spontaneously into a human being. Others would say that the change is gradual. Where are the fossils that prove that the monkey changed gradually and became more and more intelligent until he reached human intelligence.


Whom are the scientists of evolution fooling? I ask these scientists to prove evolution by changing one species into another or keep quiet. These scientists are blind, and they are leading the blind to the eternal lake of fire. They are saying, there is no God, and that creation is wrong and evolution is right.


The right way to solve the problem of creation and evolution is for those who believe in God to believe what God has said. What we can prove of what God has said will become science. If we can not prove what God have said scientifically, we leave it to every person to believe or disbelieve. As for evolution, it is the idea of man and not of God. When man gives me his idea, he must prove it for me to consider it as scientific. Millions of books or articles have been written on the subject of evolution, but it has not been proven by changing one species to another or by making one living cell. When the scientists prove the theory by repeatedly producing a living cell or when they can repeatedly change one species into another,   then evolution will be a proven theory.


We do not believe in proven scientific facts, we study them and know them. For people who did not study science, we can make the experiment before their eyes, and they will know these facts. To believe is to accept things we can not see or prove. Who created the world? No one was there when it was created. No one can testify to the way this world came about. God said to us in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  Nobody can prove this statement, so we either believe God or do not believe God. We have the freedom to believe this statement or not to believe it. What God has said is not science but is true and does not need to be proven scientifically.


When we come to the hypothesis of evolution, it is a hypothesis of science. Either we prove it, or we say we could not prove it because it would take millions of years to prove it. The scientists said, since it would take million of years to prove evolution,  we must force you to believe it. Are we living in the Dark Ages?


Therefore the hypothesis of evolution must remain as a hypothesis until it is proven. When scientists can prove the eight million proofs, then we can say, without a shadow of doubt, that that is a proven theory of evolution.


As a person who believes in God, I know that experiments that prove theories of science will come out the same every time. Science is not built on imaginations and comparisons or on bones and dead creatures. These might only give us a clue, but we must prove what is said about them. When scientists find a bone, they want us to believe their hypothesis of evolution before they prove anything. Finding a bone does not prove evolution. Change a monkey into a missing link or change the monkey into human being, then say evolution is true. The real reason for scientists wanting us to believe the hypothesis of evolution is to say there is no God. They want us not to believe God but rather to believe man.

What science proves, we know, and there is no need to believe. When God speaks, we believe, and we do not need to prove what God says. Science is knowledge built on a repeatable  proof  that we can observe. I personally believe in the verbal inspiration of the Bible. I do not question what God has said. I will not force you to believe; you have to make the choice for yourself.


How can we prove the Big Bang hypothesis? To prove the Big Bang hypothesis, we must prove the time of the Big Bang. Then we must show where the Big Bang  point of explosion took place and that all the world's matter is at an equal distance from that point. Then we must prove that the world is traveling at speed but in one direction away from the point of that explosion. We also have to prove that what exploded is able to produce or create the world instead of destroying it.   Then we have to disprove the theories of thermodynamics and prove that in certain explosions material can be created. Therefore it is not easy to prove that a Big Bang made the universe. I read an article written by a Japanese scientist disproving the Big Bang theory. One of two theories is right; the Big Bang theory or the thermodynamics theory. I would like to see one respected scientist accept the Big Bang theory. For me, the Big Bang theory is not a theory but a hypothesis.


A large number of scientists are writing books disproving the hypothesis of evolution, but not one of the atheist scientists listens to them. These unbelieving scientists do not want to believe in God and in creation. They want a universe that came into being through Big Bang and they want life to come by coincidence. In other words, they want a world that came out of nothing and life that was made by no one. To them, man came from nothing, and he is going nowhere. This is a teaching that will change their thinking so that they will not face the reality of the final doom that they are going to face one day on the Day of Judgment.


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