COMMON SENSE - by Atif Himadeh

Common sense says that if a hypothesis needs eight million proofs and million  years to prove it, do not ask people to accepted by faith. Common sense says that if there are similarities between one species and another there is no proof that one species evolved into the other.

Common sense says that if monkeys evolved into human beings, why we do not have monkeys who have half the intelligence of human beings today. 

Common sense says the survival of the fittest will make the more  intelligent monkeys survive better than the less  intelligent.

Common sense says that if monkeys evolved gradually into human beings, we must find all the monkeys of different sizes and of different levels of intelligence.

Common sense does not accept that a computer came into being by coincidence; likewise, neither does it accept anything to have been created by coincidence.

Common sense says that if coincidence has no intelligence, then coincidence will never be able to make or create any thing. Common sense says that this wonderful world with the eight million species must have a Creator. Common sense says that if coincidence has no intelligence and was able to produce all the wonderful world we live in, then why are intelligent scientist unable to make one protozoa?
Common sense says that if life occurred by coincidence, then man would have long ago discovered it,  because man is more intelligent than coincidence. Common sense says if the billions and billions of seeds planted in all the world year after year are yielding plants after their kinds, this proves what God has said in Genesis  is true.
Common sense says that if life is given by God, then no man could make life. Common sense refuse to accept the evolution of an animal with an outside skeleton to an animal like a mouse with a skeleton on the inside.
Common sense says that we believe what God said and we have to prove what man says. Atheists say prove to me what God have said, and you must believe what we say. 
Atheists say prove to me creation to believe it  and you must accept the theory of evolution by faith because we can not prove it. Common sense says you believe what God says and that needs no proof, and you must prove men's hypothesis  to become scientific knowledge. Scientific  proven theories dose not need faith but knowing and understanding.
Separation of State and Religion
Common sense says that separation of  State and religion means that the state must not pass any law to forbid or authorize prayers any where any time, unless these prayers start to interfere with the state's security.   Common sense says that if the state passes a law to allow or prevent prayers, then the separation of state and religion is cancelled.